Q : Does it turn corners? Does it work on corner / bowl front tanks?

MOAI doesn't cross corner. 

Q : Does it cause sand stuck / grab sand / scratch glass?

No worries. You can control MOAI with your phone and set a buffer above sand bed to avoid scratches.

Q : Is it able to avoid frag racks and power heads?

MOAI can't avoid obstacles like frag racks and power heads. The clearance between glass and obstacles should exceed the thickness of wet side ( MOAI: 17mm, MOAI+: 22mm).

Q : What if the internet is down?

MOAI will still clean your aquarium glass, the camera will stop functioning when the Wi-Fi goes out.

Q : Can I use MOAI+ on 10-12mm thick glass ?

No. Using the wrong magnet can damage the robot.

Q : How to clean MOAI wet side?

Soak the wet-side in citric acid solution ( temperature below 100℉ ) for half

an hour and clean with toothbrush.

Q : When can i buy a MOAI?

We are working on manufacturing, we will ship to crowdfunding backers first. Please subscribe to our email list, we will notify you when it is ready.


Check out our latest progress HERE.