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  • How can i order? What's the price?
    You can pre-order MOAI at We provide two product versions for varying glass thicknesses: one for 10-13mm at $399.99 and another for 15-19mm at $415.99 during the presale. Retail prices will be $499.99 and $519.99, respectively.
  • Can I use MOAI+ on 10-12mm thick glass ?
    No. Using the wrong magnet can damage the motor.
  • Can it be used on bow front / rounded corner tanks?
    No, MOAI is designed to operate on flat surfaces and does not work on bow front or rounded corner tanks.
  • Can it turn a corner or is it for one side of the glass?
    MOAI operates on a single panel of the aquarium glass and cannot turn corners. Its design focuses on efficient cleaning and monitoring on one side of the glass.
  • Does it cause sand stuck / grab sand / scratch glass?
    No worries. You can control MOAI with your phone and set a buffer above sand bed to avoid scratches.
  • Will MOAI scrape away the silicone on the corners of the tank?
    No worries. MOAI knows when it's near the silicone edge and will not scrape into it.
  • Is it able to avoid frag racks and power heads?
    MOAI can't avoid obstacles like frag racks and power heads. The clearance between glass and obstacles should exceed the thickness of wet side ( MOAI: 17mm, MOAI+: 22mm).
  • What's the different between a user and a shared user?
    MOAI Owners have control over every aspect of their MOAI devices. Shared Users have limited access to the MOAI devices and can't control cleaning or settings. A Shared User cannot change system settings or camera settings but can view camera in Spot Mode and Cruise Mode.
  • What happens if it runs out of battery?
    MOAI will return to dock if it runs low on battery.
  • What if the internet is down?
    MOAI will still clean your aquarium glass, the camera will stop functioning when the Wi-Fi goes out.
  • How to set up MOAI?
    Please refer to the attached Guide for MOAI Set Up. This comprehensive document provides detailed instructions and steps to help you set up your MOAI device efficiently and effectively. If you have any further questions or encounter any issues during the setup process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.
  • How to reset MOAI built-in WiFi?
    Press and hold the MOAI logo in the center of the indicator ring with your thumb to restart the built-in WiFi. Release when the entire ring is illuminated in blue. The blue lights will last for about 20 seconds before turning green, at which point you should be able to detect the WiFi signal from the MOAI device. If the indicator ring's color changes differently from the above, please retry.
  • How to reboot MOAI?
    To power off the device, press and hold the power button near the camera lens. Release your finger when all the red lights are lit up. After powering off, press the power button.
  • How to send MOAI back to its dock ?
    When the MOAI is On: Place the MOAI at the lower right corner near the charging station. Touch the center of the indicator light circle with your thumb to let the MOAI automatically return to the charging station. This ensures the robot returns to the correct posture and position when docking. If the Battery is Exhausted and the MOAI cannot be turned on: Place the MOAI directly back in the charging station. Once fully charged, remove the MOAI from the glass. It will automatically power off after about 5 seconds. Power the MOAI back on, place it at the lower right corner near the charging station, and touch the center of the indicator light circle with your thumb to let the MOAI automatically return to the charging station.
  • How to update the firmware ?
    1. Open the MOAI App: Navigate to the Device Page from the Device List Page. Look for a red dot on the gear icon indicating a new firmware is available. 2. Switch Video Resolution: Change the video streaming resolution from HD to SD to avoid update failures due to network issues. 3. Start Firmware Update: Go to the Device Settings Page from the Device Page. Navigate to the Firmware Update Page. Click "Update Firmware" and wait for the data to be sent. 4. Verify Update: Exit and re-enter the app. Go to the Firmware Update Page to check the firmware version and confirm the update was successful. 5. Retry if Needed: If the update fails, return to step 1 and try again.
  • How to get rid of blue light when live streaming in a reef tank ?
    To filter out the blue: Select device in the MOAI app. Tap Camera Control, then tap Custom Settings. Select the filter you want to try.
  • How to clean MOAI wet side?
    Soak the wet-side in citric acid solution ( temperature below 100℉ ) for half an hour and clean with toothbrush. Clean the algae pad to prevent wet-side slippage when trekking across the aquarium.
  • What should I do if MOAI slips while operating?
    Ensure the dry side cleaning pad is securely pressed to the chassis to prevent wheel slippage. Clean the wet side cleaning pad to prevent slippage. Soak the wet-side in a citric acid solution (temperature below 100℉) for half an hour and clean with a toothbrush. If the tires are covered in dust, please activate the Tire Cleaning Mode. Follow these steps: Long press the power button to turn off the MOAI. Place the MOAI with boundary sensors 1 and 2 on the aquarium glass and sensors 3 and 4 hanging off the edge as shown in the picture below. Press the power button to turn on the MOAI, then remove it from the glass. If activated successfully, the indicator light ring will spin white, the fill light will flash, and the wheels will turn. Use the alcohol wipes from the accessory box to clean the surface of the tires. After cleaning, power off MOAI and allow the tires to dry before use.
  • How to factory reset?
    To factory reset the device, press and hold both the MOAI logo and power button simultaneously. Release your finger when all the yellow lights are lit up. This will reset the device to its factory settings. After a factory reset, all device settings will be cleared.
  • How can I tell if someone is watching my MOAI camera?
    When someone, with whom you've shared viewing, is watching on your MOAI, the status light ring blinks cyan twice. You can see the username in MOAI app while someone is watching.
  • How to care for MOAI during long periods of non-use?
    If the MOAI robot will not be used for an extended period, ensure that the charging dock is disconnected from the power source and the MOAI is turned off. For periods exceeding three months without usage, it's crucial to store the MOAI with a fully charged battery. Additionally, for prolonged storage, it is recommended to recharge the battery at least once every six months. Lithium batteries can suffer damage from over-discharge, necessitating periodic recharging. Recharging the battery every six months helps prevent over-discharge, thereby preserving its health and functionality. Keep the MOAI in a cool, dry place when not in use. Avoid exposing the MOAI to extreme temperatures or moisture.
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